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How Did I Start Blogging?

Every blogger must have their story on how did the start blogging. Today, I feel like sharing with you guys on how did I start my blogging journey. It's been a while since I had this blog, and I would love to share this story.

How? My friend, Ameera started a blog first. I love reading her blog, so I decided to create one for myself, and here it is. I started this blog in 2011 when I was 11. Yeap, five years ago. It wasn't that great; I can barely remember how it looked like. But I still remember my first header that I made using Photoshop. It was hideous and colourful, and I even got my face on it.

I was so active until I started high school. I was still active when I was in Form 1(2013), but then I stopped for a year and a half. I came back in 2015, deleted all my posts, changed my template, URL, and others. I changed everything. I restarted my blog. As you can see from my Archive widget, my posts only start from 2015 because I deleted all my old, funny posts from 2011 until 2013. Then, I stopped again for half a year as my Form 4 life was quite hard and busy. Then, again, I came back. And now here I am, writing this post for you guys.

I edit my blog a lot. I follow lots of tutorials, especially the tutorials by Lyssa. I've used blogskins, I learned reading and editing codes just by blogging. Then, I switch back to denim template because blogskins are hard to edit as it is 100% coding. And now, I'm using a free responsive template. It is still hard to edit and requires code editing, but it's not as hard as blogskins. I want to buy a template, but I'm not sure if my mom would let me. I'm currently joining a template giveaway by Erin Azmir, Click here if you want to join!

My first ever URL was my name, and I love it. Then, I don't know why, but I changed it. My second URL was This was my Tumblr URL, so I decided to use it for my blog too. I love my first URL, but I swear I don't know why I changed it. I want it back, but sadly someone else took it. Moving on to my third URL which was, this is my previous one. This is my name in my friend's way of spelling. I know it sounds weird. My friend spelt my name like that once before, and I kind of liked it. I thought it would be great as a blog URL so I changed to it. Then here comes my current URL which is Jay is my dad, Jasmi bin Ali bin Yaakub. I wanted to change back to liyanajasmi, but as I said, it is taken.

I've always wanted to have my own domain. I will try to get one, soon. I'm not sure when but maybe after SPM? And maybe my own laptop too, so I can blog anytime and anywhere.

I've always loved blogging, especially when it comes to editing the blog. I can stay up until 5 am editing my blog without feeling tired. I wish I have more time for my blog. I will try to be more active from now on. I already have a list of post ideas, and I just don't have much time and of course, Writer's Block. Don't worry; I will try my best to be more active. Maybe at least one post every week. Yayyy!

So, that is that about my blogging life. Oh, and by the way, I still have one week of exams, six papers left. Gosh, I really can't wait for it to be over. I miss eating Maggi so much!

Thank you for reading, do leave your words down there. Have a beautiful day! xx


  1. Good luck for the giveaway! I can also help you buy template from Etsy with 5 ringgit service charge. I have helped many bloggers buying their templates in the past. Let me know if you're interested if you're not chosen as the winner to my giveaway, okay? x

    1. Okay, I will contact you if I need any help buying a template! Thank you, Erin :)

  2. Nice story darling. Bgitulah tu kalau blogger, got its up and down. but what matter the most, never stop in improving ourselves. keep writing dearie. ^^ i love ur style.

    1. Thanks, Eyqa! I know right, I really need keep improving myself. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi.. I love editing my blog too but now i dont have much time
    Good luck for your exam!

  4. Assalamualaikum, your story is so nice but don't ever giving up to writing, just keep going coz u've already start blogging so early age.. =) so don't give up okey, chill up..

    1. Waalaikumussalam, thank you! I won't give up, insya'Allah :)

  5. I always love reading "how I started blogging" post

    I think of changing my URL too but..malas..lols

    Semoga terus sukses dlm berblogging


    1. Me too! I love your URL, spitoutkata is nice :)
      Thank you! :) xx

  6. Wah, terbaiklah, susah nak jumpa blogger perempuan yg minat coding/editing blog ni. Apa2 pun lepas exam, bolehlah try beli domain sendiri. Biasanya akhir tahun ni, godaddy akan ada buat promosi domain. Serendah rm5 untuk setahun :)

    1. hahahah minat biasa-biasa je. i will, insya'Allah! ohh murahnya, thanks for the info :)

  7. such a young blogger. high skul dah start blogging memang terbaik lah



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