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My 10 Blogging Sins

This post was supposed to be up on either Wednesday or Thursday, but here it is, posted on a Saturday morning. Screw me for procrastinating. Oh, and that is one of my biggest sins not only as a blogger but as a student and an actual person. Ahhh, I hate myself. Whatever, let's get back to the main topic.

It has actually been 5 years since this blog was created in 2011. I was thinking of doing a '5 years of blogging experience' kind of post, but seriously, I can't even think of any point. All I can think of are all the sins that I've made (and still doing) throughout this journey of me as a blogger. I believe that there are lots of other mistakes I've made or even currently doing that I probably still haven't realised yet, but here are the 10 faults I've made as a blogger.

#1 No content
Well, this blog is a personal blog. But honestly, I feel like I lack content. Maybe some people love these personal things, but I want, and I need to write things that are not only enjoyable but also useful for my readers. Plus, I don't have any blog niche. I write what I want. Up until now, my contents are still not good enough. I'll try my best to write more lifestyle and blog-related post. I want my blog to be more than just a personal blog! Insya'Allah.

#2 Horrible writing
I feel like everyone had experienced this (or maybe not). Let's call it those 'boyan' days, where we use all kinds of weird symbols and awful spellings. I used to write like that in 2011-2013. Remember when I said I deleted all my previous posts in this post? Those are all my 'boyan' posts. Well, it's not that they're bad if you're writing like that but those kinds of posts might turn your readers off. Overall, my writing still needs a lot of improvements, tho.

#3 Not being consistent
If you read my 'How did I Start Blogging?' post, or if you've been following me since the beginning, you must've realised how inconsistent I was. I used to blog, then I was gone for a few months, then I came back, then I went missing again, and now here I am. Let's hope that I won't be going anywhere again after this, except for next year. I mean, I'm surely going to be on hiatus for awhile because of SPM. I'm sorry in advance.

#4 Followers are everything
I was crazy about the number of followers. If you don't know, I've actually already reached 1000 followers last year, in 2015 if I'm not mistaken. And of course, I was so happy. Then, Google started to delete all inactive accounts (I believe), so I lost quite some them. Since that, I've realised that those are just numbers. You can have lots of followers but only a few readers and views, which is sadder than having a few followers.

#5 What is this 'stats' thingy?
Talking about views, I used to not even know what's the use of the 'Stats' bar on the Blogger dashboard. Views? Google Analytics? What are those? After awhile being a blogger, now I know that the number of blog views and stats are even more necessary than the number of followers. Now, I actually care about my blog stats and daily, weekly, and monthly page views. I haven't taken it seriously yet, but at least, I care. Hehe.

#6 Not connecting with other bloggers
Back then, I don't reply to my readers' comments. I don't even comment on my followings' posts. I rarely leave feedback. The only thing I would do was leaving a few words in their chatbox, lol. I used to not get that much of comments, but when I get one, I can feel the joy. I'm delighted that people actually respond to my writing. And that's how I realised that comments mean a lot. About replying to comments, although you might not even know I've responded to you, it's important. Our readers took their time to read our post and leave a few words, so, why not we take just a few minutes to reply to their comments, right?

#7 Too lazy to use a planner
I'm not a planner freak. I've tried to use a planner once when I was in Form 3 because I felt like I need to organise myself for PT3, but it didn't work out (as I said, I'm not consistent). I've also tried to type in my ideas and plans for my blog on my phone, it worked out a little bit, but I know that it's not enough for me to improve my blogging life. And for this upcoming SPM year for me, I want, and I need to use a planner. And of course, not only for my studying life but also for this blog. I've seen bloggers using planners and journals to plan and build their blogs, so maybe I should do it too.

#8 Not having a proper blog schedule
This is why I'm not consistent with this blog. I didn't have any specific days for any specific topics to update about (until today, to be honest). Which means I didn't take my blog seriously. I know that writing is just a hobby of mine, but I'm honestly really passionate about it. Of course, it's hard to start because of all of these procrastinating problems, but when I'm writing, I'm happy. Expressing my feelings and thoughts makes me feel relieved. Too bad, I'm not good at time managing. Having a planner + decent blog schedule should probably help. I've already planned my blog schedule tho, it will be up on my blog as soon as possible!

#9 Always, like always, procrastinating
Procrastinating is my huge problem. I procrastinate on blogging, studying, ahhh everything! If someone asks me what my life problems are, procrastinating would be my number one. For instance, as I said, this post was supposed to be published a few days ago, but it didn't as I'm such a procrastination queen. Again, this is also why I'm not consistent. It's such a hard bad habit for me to beat, but I swear I'm trying my best. Procrastination, please, go away.

#10 Not caring about my blog weight
This is a sin that I recently realised. I've tested my website speed and grades and all those kinds of stuff before, but I never actually care. Until one day I noticed how slow my blog loads, and I was so stressed out because of it. Since that, I started compressing photos, which makes a huge difference on my blog weight. Until today, my blog is still heavy. I've compressed every single picture, but my page size is still more than 3MB. I seriously don't know what else to do to make my site faster. If you have any idea, please tell me.

As you can see, that's a lot of sins. I'm still making some of these mistakes, like being inconsistent, no blog schedule and especially, procrastinating. Whatever it is, mistakes are meant to be done, right? That's just how you will learn. I'm still learning and trying my best to improve everything that I'm doing in life. Wish me luck!

What are your sins as a blogger?


  1. Blog content you is beneficial and inspirational lah. You merendah diri sgt hihi :(

    1. ehh takda laa hahaha, but thank you so much ziera ;)

  2. Thank you for listing the sins which applies to me too (except for the stats, i knew they were much more important) .. xD

    1. ayyy sure! hahahah i wish i knew about the stats before :(

  3. I am so well noted of my blogging sin too but still i am trying best to reduce everything. I hate that i always let my emotions to control my passion to blog.
    Good luck dear. I love your content and do not stop blogging hehe

    1. sama lahh, i'm trying my best to improve myself. dang atheera, i feel you :(
      thank you so much! awh thank you hehe i will not! insya'Allah :)

  4. no jokes, it does feels real goooooooooood when people leave a comment on your writing XD

    1. omg kannnn rasa macam dihargai tbh hahahah :D

  5. I'm totally guilty of doing no1, 2, 3 and eh, basically all of them

  6. 1. Your blog is nice and has good contents dear. Betul nie :)

    2. I don't have blog niche too. Still updating my blog infrequently, just post what I want and I truly know that I'm not good in express myself :( Bad writing tapi masih nak ada blog. Coz I love blogging :)

    3. I agree with you. Followers are just a number. What I really want is my loyal blog readers. I hope I have readers :)

    4. Yes. PV is more important! Hehe. Siqah pun baru sedar jugak benda ni. Jeles dengan blogger yang PV hari-hari sampai ribu raban. Salah diri sendiri jugak sebab jarang update blog. Hihi.

    5. Best kan feeling bila ada orang komen? Hii. Siqah suka komen sebab itu saja cara untuk kita connect with other blogger friends :)

    6. Siqah takde masalah dengan blog Liyana. Page loading laju je :D

    Terpanjang pulak komen. Hihi. Maaf ye. Siqah bergerak sekarang 😬

    1. thank you so much Siqah! i really appreciate that :)

      sama laaah kita, i post what i want je. having a fixed blog niche is just not for me :( kann blogging is my passion too hehe.

      that's true. kannn loyal readers are way more important.

      indeed! kannnn ada blog that doesn't have that much followers but beratus ribu pageviews and i swear i'm super duper jealous of them :(

      best! it feels so good to have people that actually reply to your writings :) yesss i agree :D

      really? alhamdulillah :D i thought my blog loads slowly hahahahh but glad to know that it's okay hehe :D

      ehhh it's okay laa Siqah! i appreciate every single word :)

  7. hope we both can minimize our sins for next year blogging!

  8. ahhh you might be hiatus? I'll miss your writing but SPM is more important. Goodluck!

    1. i might be, but not the whole year, insya'Allah. maybe around 2 months before SPM :) awh i'm not going to be gone for a long time insya'Allah, blogging is a part of my life! hehe, thank you so much, Lya ;)

  9. I also very lazy to reply others comment and followings but now i got to be more diligent or else blogging world might be a bit tedious.

    1. i was too! i agree. not communicating with other bloggers is boring :(

  10. salam..
    hi dear..yaya drop by n follow here #1095
    wahh blogger sins ye..mcm dahsyat sgt pula bunyi..hehe
    anyway mmg totally correct n I agreed also.
    good n nice sharing darl. ^_^

    1. wassalam, thank you! hehe :)
      dahsyat kan hahahah, i know right! thanks cik yaya :)

  11. Wow, I do almost every blogging sins that you stated. It's okay, there is always room for improvement :) Btw, good luck for the upcoming SPM next year! I will have SPM next year too, so I'm thinking about using a planner sebab my schedule will be a lot of mess if I don't organize it.

    1. same here :( yeap, i agree. making mistakes is a way to improve! :)
      thank you so much! ayyy sama laa, good luck jugaaa Afifah :D yessss a planner is very important to keep organize. i've already bought one too hehe :)

  12. back then i was so into gaining followers tapi sekarang lebih focus nak deliver good message throughout my writing and buat post yang menarik tapi still nak followers ramai macam yana jugak :P

    1. me too! yess contents are more important. hahahah nanti dapat la tuuu hehe :P



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