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One More Week

Hmm, so it's December 7th. Wow, time flies. One more week until what?

What's gonna happen in a week? Next Monday, you mean?
Hmmmmm, what's the date?

December 14th, 2015.

So .................

I'm going to school next Monday. Yeah we have to start our school season for 2016 a little bit early as we've already had lots of school holidays this year.

Just kidding! Lol, sorry.
All form 3 students will be going to school next Monday. Haih, apa lagi.

PT3 2015 Results.

I'm so, so, sooooo not ready.

Although we've actually already knew our marks, since we've done the 'semakan teknikal' thingy last month. Tapi, atas slip tu bukannya markah, kan? Grades. Haih, yes we've already checked each PT3 papers we took last October. But, we only knew the marks, not grades.

Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia are the ones that going to decide what are the grades for each subject. Sepanjang tahun ni, 85% baru A. 69% dah C. PMR dulu 39% tu E, PT3 pulak 39% tu fail dah. Tapi, masa semakan teknikal hari tu, semua cikgu kata gred PT3 tahun ni turun, macam last year. Hihu, insya'Allah.

Sooooo, seminggu lagi results. Doakan Yana dan form 3 students results cemerlang ya? Hihihi, thank you! Yana doakan semua PT3 Candidates 2015 dapat results cemerlang, terbilang dan gemilang. Ceh! Hahahahahah, insya'Allah ya semua. Amin!

All the best!
Redha dan tawakal dengan keputusan-Nya.
Babai 👋


  1. haihai, seronok dapat jumpa blogger same age. so how was you technical check? mine was bad.

    1. mine was bad too but past is past i guess :(

  2. Well my technical check was awful . Dah tak boleh nak buat apa . I hope yours are good okay good luck

    1. kan, redha je la. thanks, you too! :)



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