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How I Overcome Writer's Block

Writer's Block is a universal struggle that everyone experiences. Not only journalists, bloggers, or novelists, anyone can face this horrible moment. As a blogger, of course, I had lots of Writer's Block moments (every time, tbh) and it's not the best feeling. You know what my worst moment of this condition is? Not as a blogger, but as a student.

A throwback to my final exam, I had Writer's Block during English Paper 1 in Section B, where we have to choose one out of five essay questions and this section has a total of 100 marks. That time, for a moment, I felt so stupid. I can't even think of any ideas for each question, and I was staring at that page for like 20 minutes. I began writing 30 minutes after the exam started. Unfortunately, I didn't get to finish my essay for that section. My script was really short. My English teacher said we have to write at least 2 and a half pages for that section and I only got to finish one full page.

After that paper, I was sooooo frustrated. I wanted to cry as I know how many marks I'm going to lose out of that 100 freaking marks. I felt so down and kind of lost my spirit for the next paper. Thank God I have my friends who calmed me down by convincing me to think positive. Alhamdulillah, English Paper 2 was all right. We haven't got our English marks for the final exam yet. From that moment until now, I'm still scared. Usually, I would worry about my Science subjects scores the most, but not this time. Overall, that was the worst Writer's Block I've ever had.

Okay so, back to the topic. I get Writer's Block every time I'm writing a blog post, I swear. I usually start writing a post at like 4 pm and finished the whole thing at about 9pm. I can't write an entire  post straight at one time because of Writer's Block. I will take some breaks between that 5 hours. I do things to overcome this situation. How?

1. Read Other Blogs
Whenever I don't know what to write, I would do some blogwalk to get inspirations from other blogs. It's not like you're copying other people's work, you'll just get some ideas to continue and improve yours. Reading can improve your vocabulary. So, whenever you don't know how to continue your sentences, reading other blogs and learning new words should solve the problem.

2. Watch YouTube Videos
Other than reading, I also do some listening by watching YouTube videos! You know, being a blogger and a YouTuber can be the same sometimes. Bloggers express their words through typing on the keyboard and Youtubers express theirs through talking in front of the camera. Watching videos on YouTube can improve your vocabulary too, it will also give you some ideas to write.

3. Play with My Cats
I know this is weird, but it works for me. You can't write in an unstable mood, right? Whenever I start to feel bored or disinterested, I would get off my chair and play with my cats for a while. My cats are one of my main source of happiness. Just by seeing and hugging them really boost up my mood every time. You need a good mood to write a good content. So, do something that makes you happy!

4. Go on Buzzfeed
BuzzFeed is an online media company delivering news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people around the world. The point here is similar to number 1, it's about reading. Buzzfeed is more to reading news and stories from around the world. They also have fun quizzes and videos you can do and watch! This will not only improve your language, but also cheer up your mood.

5. Take a nap
Getting some rest is important. Have you ever got to those times when you feel so tired and sleepy when you're writing a blog post? Whenever I start to feel it, I would just jump on my bed and get a good 30-minute nap. Your brain needs some rest to work well. So, take a short nap and believe me, you'll feel much fresher and energised to continue your writing!

These are some of the ways on how I beat Writer's Block. I hope these things would give you some tips and tricks whenever you get to this dreadful situation. Let us all bury this plight and write our heart out for our readers! Oh and about my cats and Youtubers that I watch, I will do some other posts about them soon!

What are your ways to overcome Writer's Block? Share them in the comment section down below!

P.s; I had Writer's Block when I was writing this post. *irony*


  1. I always did number 1 and 2 haha it helps so much :')

  2. Interesting post!

    I always have writer's block during exams too!

    Can only remember or think of better anwers after the time ended...that feeling was so devastated.

    As a blogger myself , I also blogwalk to get some inspiration & read articles..

    Listening to music also help me in my writing

    1. thank you! me too :( kannn it's the worst feeling ever bila lepas exam baru terfikir macam mana nak jawab haih. yeap, thanks for suggesting! i'll listen to music more then :)

  3. i have both writes's block and bad writing skills ;(

  4. Loved reading yours. Thanks Liyana.


  5. Same here. But instead of buzzfeed i'll go flipboard and pinterest. Maybe i shud try buzzfeed too. Hey, thanks for sharing this. ^^

    1. i'd go to pinterest too sometimes! you're welcome :)

  6. can you write an entry on how to fight procrastination? This has been my major problems since I first started blogging. Can you believe that my blog never reached a 100 post mark despite being in the blogging scene for years? I really need to snap out of it but I just couldn't lol

    1. i procastinate a lot too! yeap that's my main problem not only as a blogger, mainly as a student :( one of my biggest problems in life hahahah. i feel you, i've reached 100 posts once but i lost it as i deleted all my posts last year. i will try to do a post about fighting procastination soon, insya'Allah! thanks for suggesting, Rasya :)

  7. whenever this 'thing thing' (writer's block) hit me, i always look up on google and i'll type random things there from fashion, beauty, lifestyles and from there it'll become smaller (i mean the scope) and that's how i decide what topic i want to share next on my blog. other than that, bloglovin comes in handy as well if you're looking for inspirations. i get inspired a lot by shitload of beauty and lifestyle bloggers there.

    great post btw, Liyana! love it <3

    1. that's a great way! i just created a bloglovin' account recently, so i will try to explore it more soon. thanks for suggesting Lenne :)

      thank you so much! <3

  8. i already did most of ur ways :D
    sometimes, needs to get out of bed and explore outside :D

    1. that's good! yeap, having some fresh air really helps too :)

  9. ths is good sharing adik..thankyou somuch..i did hv this issue...always..hahahhaah

  10. this is one of the reason I've become blogger chipsmore! ahahahaha.
    nice sharing dear *thumbsup*

  11. what a pretty blog :) ermm ermm.. can u edit mine?
    drop me a mail if you are interested will ya?



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